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7 tips on peaceful winter activities in Dalarna

Winter is here and Dalarna, in central Sweden, attracts visitors with a wide and wonderful range of activities, from calm to thrilling. Sweden’s southernmost mountain range is in Dalarna, with several ski resorts that attract masses of skiers, as well as being home to beautiful lakes and cosy towns and villages. You’ll find everything you need for a calm yet active winter holiday here. Relax, unwind and enjoy nature and explore sparkling winter environments where you yourself choose the pace.

1. Reach the summits of Kläppen and Bjursås

Hiking to mountain summits is becoming more and more popular. Last winter, Kläppen Sälenfjällen’s first randonnée trail opened, where skiers go to the top of the mountain under their own steam by attaching skins to their skis. Once you’re up there, you can enjoy the view and grab a tasty bite to eat. Then you take the skins off and head back down the slope in an exciting, downhill glide. The Kläppen trail is great for beginners, but can also be a great workout if you’re up for it.
At Bjursås Berg & Sjö, you can register for a morning summit trip. No experience is necessary as a guide will be leading the activity and can offer help and instructions.

2. A trip around the mountain landscape of Grövelsjön

Once the snow evens out and softens up, uneven terrain also becomes more accessible and inviting. Touring skis are a great way to explore the mountains in winter, and it’s easier than you might think. Grövelsjön is guaranteed to be snow-covered, and it offers amazing ski touring, on marked trails as well as when you veer off on your own into the mountain landscape.
You can spend the night at one of Grövelsjöfjällens accommodation facilities. Choose from cabins, hostels, or four star hotels. Don’t forget to try the high quality local food – it will certainly give you the energy you need for the next day’s mountain adventures.

3. Hike the old way with snowshoes

Hike with snowshoes in the spectacular winter landscape of Fulufjället National Park outside Särna. And don’t miss the ice artwork that’s created when Sweden’s tallest waterfall, Njupeskär, freezes over. At Yttermalungs camping and Green Owl Travel in Rättvik, for example, there’s snowshoe hiking available for all skill levels.

4. Fingers crossed for a bite on a day on the lake

When the ice is nice and thick on Dalarna’s lakes, winter fishing is the perfect activity to enjoy on a beautiful winter’s day. Casting off and angling for fish such as perch, pike, rainbow trout or burbot is as popular as it is fun.
Take your ice drill, fishing tackle and fishing license with you, after that it’s just a matter of getting out there. However, it is important that you really pay attention to safety: check the ice, bring ice prods and make sure you have proper warm clothing on. Don’t forget something nice to sit on and some tasty snacks and coffee.
If you want tips and help with finding the real gems, you can book guided ice fishing trips with companies such as Anglerman Fishing Adventures in Älvdalen or Rösjöstugorna at Fulufjället.

5. Skating on natural ice

In Dalarna, there are fabulous opportunities for people who love long distance skating, or who just want to try it out for the first time. With over 70km of ploughed tracks in the Skating Dalarna network, there’s a huge variety on offer for beginners as well as more seasoned enthusiasts.

You can find up to date information on ploughed tracks, ice reports, and more at skatingdalarna.se.

6. Hike through Dalarna in all its winter glory

Experience winter hiking on one of the many trails in Dalarna. A lot of them are accessible, even in winter, so lace up your winter boots, pack your rucksack, and head out on an adventure. With crunching snow beneath your shoes and frost in your hair, it really is something special when you explore the landscape in its winter glory.

See the magnificent view across Siljan lake in the farming landscape of Fryksås, or experience the sound of the Dalälven river and hiking near the city on the Avesta Älvpromenad (river walk). At Källslätten, outside Falun, you can explore the sparkling cultural landscape in winter, with different trails to suit anyone.

7. Make food over an open fire

Cooking your own food over an open fire outdoors is one winter activity that should never be under-estimated. Take your favourite people with you and prepare your ingredients at home, that way you have everything you need for a really luxurious, outdoor meal. Dalarna has over 360 nature reserves to explore, so there’s every opportunity for everyone to find their own favourite place.