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A new Forest Dry Gin – with a taste of Norrbotten’s forests

Norrbotten’s Distillery has reached the next stop on its taste journey – the deep forests. With Forest Dry Gin, Sweden’s northernmost distillery wants to challenge consumers with a gin that does not hide behind a tonic.
– Forest Dry Gin is inspired by the forests of Norrbotten. It is a gin that can be enjoyed just as it is, says Dennis Bejedal, Master Distiller and founder of Norrbotten’s Distillery.

Last winter, the tasting journey began with the launch of Mountain Dry Gin. Now the journey continues along the Kalix River, from the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Kebnekaise massif down to the deep forests of Norrbotten. On the third of August, Norrbotten’s Distillery launches Forest Dry Gin with clear notes of juniper, pine and spruce shoots and a delicate aftertaste of cloves.

The idea is that Forest Dry Gin should not only take advantage of the taste profile of the Norrbotten forests, but also give the feeling of being in them.
– Forest Dry Gin reflects the simplicity that Norrbotten’s forest offers; Things are not so complicated when you get out into the woods. It does not have to be that complicated to enjoy a really good gin. We have developed Forest Dry Gin so that it will stand on its own two feet and not necessarily need to be mixed with a tonic, says Dennis Bejedal.

A fusion of extremes

According to the concept “A fusion of extremes”, Norrbotten’s Distillery creates unique flavor combinations by mixing old with new and when with distant using the latest distillation methods.

In Forest Dry Gin, the local ingredients from Norrbotten’s coniferous forest are combined with carnations from the forests of the forgotten Comoro archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The result is a tasty gin with clear notes of juniper, pine, spruce, citrus and carnation.

The taste profile has taken a long time to develop; Norrbotten’s Distillery never reuses previous recipes, but produces each new product from scratch.
– For us, it is important not to go the same way as other distilleries, but to tread our own path. Each product must be unique and get its taste from our journey along the Kalix River. We let things take the time required, just like the forest takes its time to grow, we have given Forest Dry Gin time to develop and grow into a gin that we love to enjoy just as it is. No weirdness – just really good gin, concludes Dennis Bejedal.