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Best news of the year – ABBA IS BACK!!!!!!

When Benny Andersson visited Hong Kong in December 2019 he told me that ABBA was recording a few new songs and that they would create a unique show to be offered in London – where the ABBA members were going to perform like some kind of avatars. It was an amazing idea and today the idea was released to the public.

Today at their press conference they did have a few surprises up the sleeve though – it is not just a show and a few songs that will be offered – they have recorded a full new album. How great is that for all ABBA lovers? The amazing thing when you listen to the two songs released so far, is that their voices and the sound are exactly what it was 40 years ago when they released their previous “last song”

2021 is for sure a tough year in many aspects around the world, but this is good news to make life a little bit better.

New songs "Don't shut me down" & "I still have faith in you"

See the video to get an idea what the concept is and how ABBA is made immortal.

Press conference (starts after 4 min)