Swedish inspiration Discover the treasures of Sweden - no matter if you are in Sweden or in Hong Kong


This is a website to inspire you about Sweden and Swedish culture. It’s produced by a Hong Kong based company supported by various partners within the Swedish community. Similar websites are (and will be) produced for other countries; example Italy, France and South Korea.

We will on this website inform you what’s going on in Sweden, give you ideas on what to do and where to go during your next trip to Sweden. We will also promote the Swedish-related events in Hong Kong. Last but not least, we will inform you where you can find Swedish products locally.


Do you want to collaborate with us?  Do you have ideas on what we should write about? Do you have events you want us to promote?

Please contact Christian Bergenstråhle  (christian.bergenstrahle@dnahk.net)

Photo by Pasi Mämmelä