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Action against Corona

The coronavirus COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and the number of cases is rising quickly around the globe. This is the worst public health crisis in a generation.

The Swedish ecosystem Norrsken together with the business magazine Dagens Industri, now launches an initiative to find creative solutions to improve the situation.

Norrsken is an ecosystem consisting of Norrsken House, a coworking space for over 350 impact entrepreneurs in Stockholm, and their seed fund Norrsken Founders Fund which invests in companies with the potential to radically improve the world.

So if you are a startup, a project or an initiative with a solution that can improve the situation; for victims, the health care system or the billions of people whose lives are, or will be, affected by Corona around the world; then you can apply for support.

The project wishes to accelerate your solutions to fight the coronavirus and its implications by providing grants or investments, connecting you with the right partners and highlighting and raising awareness of your important work. Maybe that can increase your likelihood of success, and mitigate the damage caused by this global crisis.

Read more about the project or apply for funding here

Example of initiatives connected to Norrsken