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Adolphson & Falk’s song “Mer Jul” turns 40!

The idea with the song Mer Jul (More Christmas) was that it would be played once in the radio program Eldorado. There were 36 million streams on Spotify and 4 x platinum! (To date). A new acoustic version will be released on November 19 and on December 3, the compilation album they missed on Spotify will be a 17-track album with their most popular recordings.

This is how Mer Jul sounds, nowadays, 40 years after its creation, when we perform it live with our acoustic band with Mankan on double bass, Hasse on accordion and Christmas bells and with Dagge behind the drums. But the two children-children, Alma and Walter, who are heard in the last chaotic and trembling seconds are not allowed to be on stage. It will be far too late for them “, says Tomas Adolphson.

The compilation album “BEST” released on December 3 is their first compilation album on Spotify and contains 17 of their most popular recordings.

“Putting together the compilation album was like making a journey back where our career took off, in the early 80’s. There were many memories that blossomed! A really wonderful nostalgia trip that we hope that the listener will also experience, ”says Anders Falk.

The group has just been awarded a 4 x platinum disc by the publisher BMG for 36 million streams. It will be celebrated with a virtual concert on December 21 and will be broadcast on www.mtaprod.tv.
Adolphson & Falk are also taking the opportunity to make an official music video for “Mer Jul” which they have been missing for 40 years.