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Ahlgood invests in Swedish cultural heritage as a plant-based protein source

Greenfood-owned Ahlströms is continuing to develop its range of plant-based alternatives under the Ahlgood brand. The products are based on traditional, Swedish-grown, organic and KRAV-labelled produce grown in a gentle way. Falafel on gray and autumn peas, lentil bites, and organic legume mince on quinoa and gray pea are some examples.

Vegetarian food and plant-based products continue to show strong growth in the European market. To meet the increased demand, Greenfood is investing in expanding its range of plant-based products. The new Ahlgood brand specialises entirely in plant-based products and already has a strong range of popular products, including vegan taco mince and pulled jackfruit (a vegan alternative to pulled pork). But in 2021, it is above all the brand’s major investment in products made from nordic produce that is arousing interest.

“Plant-based proteins grown in Sweden are an important investment that reduce both our climate footprint and those of our customers. These products are tasty, healthy, high in protein and contribute to the Swedish cultural heritage because they are grown and harvested in Sweden,” says Jacob Ahlström, CEO of Greenfood-owned Ahlströms.

The legumes used in Ahlgood’s products come from Nordisk Råvara, which specialises in legume cultivation. Through its grower network consisting of about 30 growers, Nordisk Råvara supplies restaurants, commercial kitchens and food companies with legumes. The goal is to offer the best products for both health and the environment.

“The first people to discover and appreciate our products were chefs who were looking for high raw material quality and understood the value of living soil and a domestic vegan protein source. Now more people have opened their eyes to Swedish heritage crops. That gives us the opportunity to collaborate with strong brands such as Ahlgood and create long-term and sustainable change in Swedish food culture,” says Emil Hyttsten Brodelius, head of strategic partnerships at Nordisk Råvara.

Ahlgood’s plant-based range based on crops from Nordisk Råvara

  • Pea Falafel
    Vegan organic falafel based on Swedish EKO and KRAV-labelled grey and autumn peas.

  • Lentil Bites
    Vegan organic lentil bites based on Swedish EKO and KRAV-labelled lentils

  • Pea and Quinoa Steak
    Vegan organic field pea & quinoa steak based on Swedish EKO and KRAV-labelled field peas and quinoa

  • Legume Mince
    A vegan organic minced meat base based on Swedish EKO and KRAV-labelled quinoa and field peas