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Alfie Atkins visits Hong Kong

Some of the most famous children books in Sweden is about Alfie Atkins, or as he is called in Sweden, Alfons Åberg. The author behind these books is Gunilla Bergström, and so far, there are 26 books published about Alfie.

Alfie is an ordinary little chap living with his good-natured, scatty father in a modern suburb which could be anywhere in the world. He is not very big and not very strong. And he prefers not fighting. He is cheerful and full of mischief, but he also has his moments of being angry, jealous, frightened of ghosts…

The books take in most things – from everyday troubles to life’s big questions. Any child can identify with Alfie, which perhaps explains why he is loved all over the world!

In Sweden, there is probably not a single person born after 1970, who did not take part in Alfie’s adventures while growing up.

Alfie @Tsim Sha Tsui

During the Swedish Winter project, in December, Alfie Atkins will visit Hong Kong. There will be book readings in English and Cantonese at Tsim Sha Tsui on December 13-15th. Don’t miss the chance to introduce your children to this young charming Swedish boy.

To find out more about the Swedish Winter activities at TST click here

Alfie Atkins’ Culture Centre

Next time you visit Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden, make sure to visit Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre. The center offers various activities related to culture, children, and their development. Three to four program activities are offered daily. It can be theatre, reading, math or science. Read more about the Centre here

Alfie Atkins's books in English

1972 Good Night, Alfie Atkins

1973 Very tricky, Alfie Atkins

1975 Hurry Up, Alfie Atkins!

1976 Alfie Atkins and his Secret Friend

1976 Who’ll Save Alfie Atkins_

1977 You’re a Sly One, Alfie Atkins!

1978 Alfie and the Monster (GB)

1981 Are you a Coward, Alfie Atkins?

1982 What’s Alfie up to now?

1983 Who’s Scaring Alfie Atkins?

1984 Happy Alfie Atkins

1985 You have a Girlfriend, Alfie Atkins?

1986 A Party, Alfie Atkins!

1987 Hocus-Pocus, Alfie Atkins!

1988 Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins!

1989 What did Mr Atkins Say?

1991 There goes Alfie the Thief!

1992 More Monsters, Alfie!

1993 Three Cheers for Alfie’s Daddy!

1994 “Not Likely!” said Alfie Atkins

1997 Fly with me said Alfie Atkins

1998 Invisible with Alfie

2002 How far does Alfie reach?

2002 Alfie’s ABC

2006 Alfie and the soldier daddy

2010 Alfie Atkins with the Magic Sack

2012 The Last to Laugh! Said Alfie’s Dad

Several books about Alfie Atkins have also been translated into Chinese.

Read more about Alfie Atkins on the official webpage

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