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Asian influences characterise this year’s Christmas at Svenskt Tenn

Christmas opens on November 5th at Svenskt Tenn. This year, both the exhibition and Christmas range are inspired by Asian elements. Several re-launches from Svenskt Tenn’s archive will be presented: A wooden candlestick holder, a glass plate and the Mirakel (Miracle) print in a new colour combination, all designed by Josef Frank. Among the new Christmas items are colourful baubles designed by Kotone Utsunomiya and Sofia Vusir Jansson’s paper flowers and Christmas tree ornaments.

Both Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank were inspired by what was then called “The Orient”. Estrid Ericson collected items and art from Asia, and the two of them were influenced by the nature and culture from the continent as well as by Asian materials and design. This source of inspiration can be seen in several of the objects and textile prints designed by Josef Frank.

“Whether we are developing new products or creating a new exhibition, we always try to connect what we are doing today to the history of Svenskt Tenn. For this year’s Christmas we are re-launching a new colour combination of Josef Frank’s Mirakel (Miracle) print, which has Asian influences. With her characteristic aesthetic, the Japanese designer Kotone Utsunomiya has made handmade glass baubles. Designer Sofia Vusir Jansson has created new paper flowers and beautiful paper ornaments made with the ‘Eldblomma’ wallpaper that also bring Asia to mind,” says Marketing and Creative Director Thommy Bindefeld.

Two years ago, fanciful Christmas tree baubles designed by Sam Wilde were launched. For this year’s Christmas, Wilde has designed brass ornaments shaped like flowers. Svenskt Tenn discovered both Sam Wilde and Kotone Utsunomiya through the Ten Textile Talents exhibition. For the exhibition, Svenskt Tenn invited design students from different parts of the world to create contemporary interpretations of Josef Frank’s classic designs. With influences from Europe, North America and Asia, an exciting new world of prints took shape in the store.

“When designing the Christmas baubles in the Story of Flowers collection, I wanted to bring to life the textile pattern that I designed for Svenskt Tenn in 2018. The colour pallet is derived from Josef Frank’s Rox & Fix, Teheran and Mirakel prints that all radiate powerful energy. I almost feel that the plants are conversing with each other in several of Josef Frank’s patterns and I fantasise about the unique history of each flower,” says Designer Kotone Utsunomiya.

One year ago, Sofia Vusir Jansson designed Christmas decorations for Svenskt Tenn in the form of handmade flowers in crepe paper. This year’s flower is called Vintervindla and each of its leaves have been hand-folded by Sofia herself with the help of retired craftspeople and family members. Other new items presented in the exhibition are a lacquered wooden candleholder called Tribun, designed by Gustaf Nordenskiöld and a chequered Christmas cloth designed by artist Evelina Kroon.

Three products designed by Josef Frank are being launched from Svenskt Tenn’s archive. The Kula candlestick in green with its brass holder is one of several turned wooden candlesticks in the archive. The Löv (Leaf) plate available in pewter is being launched now in green glass as well. Finally, the Mirakel print will be re-launched in a new, dark brown colour combination.

“It is a privilege to be able to visit our own archive to search for drawings, patterns or saved copies of historic objects and find items that we can put into production and add to the range. In the same way it is enriching to be able to highlight new, young design talents from all over the world. It is this mix of historical and contemporary design that makes Svenskt Tenn constantly feel new and inspiring,” says Thommy Bindefeld.

Christmas at Svenskt Tenn starts on November 5th and can be experienced in the store and online. A webcast of the Christmas exhibition will be shown on the evening of November 4th. Visit www.svenskttenn.com for opening hours and a link to the webcast.