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Award-winning Swedish designer Frida Hultén decorates our dogs

With inspiration from nature and mountains, but influenced by Ancient History, Swedish jewelry designer Frida Hultén now goes from creating unique handmade jewelry for humans, to also create the same for dogs.

When we asked her to explain her approach to creativity, Frida said:

–  “Think of a Byzantine body, an African heart, and a Native American Spirit. But most importantly, creativity gets activated by my state of mind”.

Her brand K9 collarcouture, who focus on dog jewelry, was born in 2007 but has been relaunched in 2019.

– “Dog jewelry has been around for quite a long time, Frida says. Dog owners have focused on their dogs in a different way though, by spending more money on making the dog comfortable and keeping them healthy. The new trends we will see are more fashionable trends, like with humans. Within soon dog fashion shows will be a norm”

According to Frida, most dogs are comfortable in a necklace, but of course, not all of them. She says it’s incredible to see how proud they feel, and how visible it is to see that (most) dogs enjoy being adorned.

Every owner is unique - so is their dog

Frida’s re-launch of dog jewelry was made at an exhibition in Hong Kong on June 2019. What makes the concept unique is that she offer a detachable necklace, the owner can adorn their dog easily when they wish, they can choose a necklace for any occasion. From now on, the collar does not have to come off when the necklace goes on – it makes life easier for all dog owners. The concept is unique, with only high-quality materials, made in Italy.

If we look at Frida’s background we see that her design journey started with an Interior Design course in London, it then went on to start a clothing label/shop in Cape Town to finally ending up making jewelry for humans in 2003. That she is a global citizen, it’s easy to see. She is born in Sweden but is today based in Milan, Italy. Her new collection was first launched in Hong Kong, and the next step is to participate in a big Expo in Las Vegas for entering the US market.

In August 2019 she was named the winner in the design category of Italian A’Design Award. We say congratulations to Frida Hultén.

To get inspired by Frida’s dog jewelry visit her website.  For everyone who knows Frida from before we can inform that she is still working as a Jewelry designer for human jewelry as well – please visit www.fridahulten.com

AWARDS Frida Hultén has received the past year

 A´Design Award (Frida Hulten Jewellery)

A´Design Award (K9 Collarcouture)

Novum Design Award (K9 Collarcouture)

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