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Black Friday we know – but what is White Monday?

The Swedish initiative White Monday has grown into a global movement for circular consumption. The movement that shows that sustainability and economic growth is possible no longer exists only in Sweden, but has grown to over 500 participating companies, organizations and influencers in 23 countries.

White Monday is the day for circular economy that is the antidote to Black Friday. It always occurs on the monday before Black Friday, so this year White Monday happens on November 25th.

Why is it called White Monday?

White Monday simply started as a play of opposites with the mega-sales day “Black Friday”. Black Friday stands for linear, wear & tear consumption and competition. The opposite is circular consumption & collaboration. Monday was picked instead of Friday and White instead of Black to illustrate the difference between linear & circular consumtion as clearly as possible, like Yin & Yang.

Founded in Sweden in 2017 White Monday came about in response to the mindless over-consumption ethos of Black Friday. Founder Henning Gillberg says that consumers need to change their behaviour.

“While we acknowledge that consumerism is part of modern life, the old-school ‘shop until you drop’ mentality is no longer sustainable in light of climate change and the impact of production on our limited natural resources. Choosing to reuse, repair, recycle or upcycle an item, rather than buying it new, is one of the most impactful ways every person can do their bit to help sustain the planet.”

Shop with minimal impact on the planet

Partner and co-organiser of White Monday is the not-for-profit  Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion). Secretary General, Alexandra Davidsson says that many major environmental issues are closely related to our demand for new goods although she’s confident we can reverse the trend. 

“An extension of the campaign is to highlight circular economy players who are already offering consumers the opportunity to shop guilt-free and with minimal to zero impact on the planet?”

The world is already full of wardrobes stuffed to the brim, unused tools and huge piles of trash. We have produced enough, and Mother Earth is tired. It’s time for us to take responsibility, and turn the waste into resources. Internet makes it easy for us to rent & buy second hand items, and gives us the knowledge of how to reuse & repair.

Photo credit: Per Grimberg

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Illustration credit: Per Grimberg

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