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Bronze to Sweden in Bocuse d’Or Europe

Sweden came in third place among Europe’s top chefs when the European competition for the world’s most prestigious competition for chefs, Bocuse d’Or, was decided in Tallinn on Friday. In five hours and 35 minutes, Sebastian Gibrand prepared the Swedish competition dishes in front of tens of thousands of spectators – at a distance. The placement means a secured place for the big world final in Lyon in June 2021. The gold went to Norway and the silver medal to Denmark.

Sebastian Gibrand has been Sweden’s candidate in the Bocuse d’Or since 2017. As recently as January 2019, he won a silver medal in the world final in Lyon, but now it is only the gold he is looking for. The bronze medal in the Bocuse d’Or Europe in Tallinn now secures a place at the World Cup next year. With him in the team are Sebastian Gibrand coach Jonas Dahlbom and commis / assistant Jakob Persson. Together with the Swedish Bocuse d’Or Academy, they have been preparing the Swedish competition dishes for several months.

-Our team is incredibly close where we all know exactly what to do and when. At the same time, we have had time to refine tastes and aesthetics, which turned out well throughout the competition. Now we will celebrate, then rest and eventually take new strong grips before the world final in Lyon next year. Then it is the gold that is the goal, says Sebastian Gibrand.

Sebastian Gibrand already decided after the silver medal in the Bocuse d’Or 2019 that he would bet once more to reach the gold. Since then, he has both won Kockarnas Kamp on Swedish TV4 and been responsible for the honorable assignment as head chef for the Nobel Banquet the same year. In June 2021, we will know if he has reached his big goal.