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Cadier Bar Launches New Cocktail Menu – Connecting Senses to Memories

The Cadier Bar at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm attracts guests from near and far with its international vibe and curated cocktail offering. Now taking the next step in its evolution, the Cadier Bar is presenting a new cocktail menu with distinct taste perceptions that bring memories to life.

The Grand Hôtel already began developing cocktail concepts at the Cadier Bar back in 2018. Now, as a next step, the Cadier Bar is presenting a new cocktail menu with 14 handcrafted cocktails based on taste memories. Each drink presents a distinct flavour that conveys a sense of recognition. Tastes and flavours that Swedes grow up with; ones that bring back vivid memories and associations.

The list includes the drink Epithany, which plays on the memory of peeling an orange. Instead of avoiding the bitterness in the strings of white pith of the orange, which are often peeled away, it is embraced, creating a well-balanced drink with clear associations. In addition to the taste, associations are strengthened by how the drink is presented and garnished. Other taste sensations on the menu that bring memories flowing back are for example DaggGrimas, and OhBoy.

The menu was developed by the Cadier Bar team, spearheaded by Hanna Oscarsson, who has been working at the Grand Hôtel since 2018. Hanna won several awards in the past year, including Stella Bartender of the Year and Best Bar Artist in the international Art of Italicus cocktail challenge.

Photo by Andy Liffner

Some tastes and flavour combinations bring back memories of special occasions in a phenomenal way. This is what we wanted to capture in the new menu. Our aim is for a clear association between the drinks and how our senses bring back memories. Take our Dagg cocktail, for example; everyone has experienced early morning dew and can relate to it, but how do you capture that feeling in a flavour? At the same time, it has to be delicious and not too complicated to grasp,” says Hanna Oscarsson, bartender at the Cadier Bar.

In addition to distinct tastes, guests can expect an experience in how the drinks are presented, with the accompanying glass and edible garnishes carefully selected by the team. Another common thread running through the menu is quality craftsmanship, using a number of advanced techniques. The result is elegant cocktails in which every ingredient has been carefully selected to capture the optimal flavour.

It feels great to finally launch our new cocktail menu – a unique and well-developed selection – featuring elegant drinks that challenge the guests’ senses in a positive way. I am confident that our cocktail guests will enjoy a superb experience, in line with everything else at the Grand Hôtel,” says Karl Persson, Food & Beverage Manager, Grand Hôtel.

The Cadier Bar’s new menu will be available from April 23, presenting a playful menu presentation, illustrating each taste memory.