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Camp Järvsö, for an active experience in a beautiful environment

Gävleborgs inland has been given a new destination for active holidays. A large and experienced constellation of owners wants to put Järvsö on the map as an obvious place for visitors with a focus on balance and well-being.

Camp Järvsö opened its doors in June 2021 after an intensive renovation. They bought the property in November last year to create a facility for visitors who in various ways want an active leisure time in combination with relaxation and experiences close to nature.

– When we decided to buy the place, we wanted to create a niche that is about exercise and health, but not at all in a performance-based way. It is rather very much about balance and calm. Our vision is to establish Camp Järvsö as Sweden’s main destination for active leisure. When you think of an active holiday, you should automatically think of us, says Patrik Yderberg, CEO of Camp Järvsö.

Patrik Yderberg is also CEO of the company Springtime, which has long arranged training trips abroad. When they revised their business plan in 2019, they decided that half of their business would be conducted in Sweden in 2021.

– We stated that the discussions about the environment and air travel were something that we must take into account. After all, you do not have to go abroad to experience exercise and health. At the same time, it is a rather risky business because things are constantly happening in the world that we cannot control. So we had already decided to redo parts of our business when the pandemic struck, he says.

In addition to Patrik Yderberg, the co-owners behind Camp Järvsö are also the athletes Carolina and Patrik Klüft as well as the yoga instructor Cecilia Gustafsson and the running coach Peter Lindholm.

– Cissi and Peppe have worked with us at Springtime for about 15 years and among other things been on various trips and events that we have arranged. We did not know Carolina and Patrik before, but they are well known to say the least. When it became clear that they were also interested in this farm, I called them and checked if they were interested in a collaboration. Three months later we sat and signed all the papers, says Patrik Yderberg.

To buy the properties and invest in the business, they have received help from, among others, the Norrlandsfonden.

– I feel that the treatment we received for this investment is fantastic. Both from Norrlandsfonden and from Ljusdals municipality and other local entrepreneurs. I’m from Stockholm and to be able to talk to the municipality there about what you want to achieve with your company just does not happen. Here it has been very uncomplicated and we have received a lot of support and it feels like they will be with us all the way, says Patrik Yderberg.

Since the purchase in November, they have renovated the properties, created hotel rooms and built a restaurant that is an important part of their overall concept.

– The meal is a main point of a hotel stay. It should be nice, tasty and healthy. But without cues. We have full rights and everyone can choose what makes them feel best and we will also, among other things, arrange wine tastings. Basically, you should have a nice stay.

After a completed first summer season, they are now in full swing with the preparations for autumn and winter and there are already plans to grow.

– Right now it is a little too small for our vision and there are still buildings that we have not started working with yet. The most important thing for us is to be able to preserve the genuine feeling that exists here. We have received very good feedback from our visitors that the place provides a calm and that the atmosphere is fabulous and therefore there will be no gigantic renovations. Our motto is that you should have 10 beats lower in resting heart rate when you leave here.