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Celebrate Dance Day online!

For 10 years since 2010, 16 companies and choreographers in the Öresund region have performed in front of 120 short outdoor dances for more than 17,000 people!

This year, the tour is replaced by this live-streaming tribute to the dance! It will be broadcasted on Saturday, April 25 at 11am, Swedish time (5pm HK time)

The broadcast is for Free, and you can follow the show live on:


Peut-être med Skånes Dansteater

Choreographer: Line Branchereau, Jon Ipina
Dancers: Line Branchereau, Jon Ipina

We are three different parts; you the audience, we the dancers and the fourth wall. Today, your fourth wall is bigger than ever. We get you here in the dance via a screen – a virtual obstacle. Peut-être (maybe) won’t be a problem. Peut-être can we still communicate? Does Peut-être open the screen boundary to a new dimension? Peut-être (maybe) can the three parts become one, just during a dance?

Length: about 5 min

Photo: Anna Adober

The stories of the future

Choreographer: Nidia Martínez Barbieri.
Dancers: Jonas Örknér, Josette Reilly, Nidia Martínez Barbieri.

The Fairy Tales of the Future is a contemporary dance piece by and with Nidia Martinez Barbieri, Jossette Reilly and Jonas Örknér, who invite the audience to experience dance through a human chain of meetings. One island, two islands, three islands. A deserted world. No food, no water, no people. Let us be again as we were when the time was just beginning and we could take each other’s hands, discover ourselves in the gestures of others, in the smiles of others, in the eyes of others.

Length: about 12 min

Photo: Patrik Palm

Dance Day

International Dance Day on April 29 was established in 1982 by the International Dance Committee, ITI-UNESCO. The date marks the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre’s ballet innovator in 1727. The day is celebrated around the world with the aim of bringing people together across political, cultural and ethnic barriers to celebrate the dance in peace and friendship. In Malmö and Skåne we celebrate Dance Day / Dansens Dag around April 29 since 1990 and Denmark celebrates Dansens Dag around May 1 weekend.

Skåne’s Dance College consists of representatives of the Dance Station, Skåne’s Dance Theater, Danscentrum Syd and the Dance Consultant / National Theater Skåne, who have selected these dance works for touring. The college also includes Inkonst, Rachel Tess and Memory Wax. The dance station coordinates the project with the cities, each responsible for their local celebration of Dance Day /Dansens Dag.