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SwedCham launches a Podcast. First episode: Changing of the guard at SwedCham

After 22 years at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Eva Karlberg hands over the baton to Christian Bergenstråhle.

Christian has been living in Hong Kong since 3 years. He is an entrepreneur – he has run his own company for more than 15 years. The focus has been on marketing and communication, but a great interest in art and design has also meant he has initiated various concepts in these areas.

At the same time as changing Managing Director, SwedCham HK is taking the opportunity to launch a podcast to show that the chamber is constantly changing. The new channel will be used to spread knowledge and inspiration – through conversations between interesting people, by offering exciting stories with and about different Swedish and local Hong Kong profiles.

Replacing someone who is such a strong and appreciated profile is a challenge, says Christian Bergenstråhle. Especially to do it in a tough and challenging period. But challenges provide opportunities – a motto he shares with Eva.

Listen to the first episode here – Changing of the Guard

The SwedCham Hong Kong team; Gustav Ridell, Anna Mackel, Eva Karlberg, Christian Bergenstrahle and Jennifer Ren Liu.