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Chocolate balls (recipe)


Chocolate balls appear on most restaurant menus in Sweden and, although you normally only get one ball, it is a rather good way of finishing a meal.

Chocolate balls are also nice to make at home. They are one of the easiest treats around and they taste wonderful, rather moreish I must admit! There is no baking involved so they are a great recipe to make with kids. Unlike in a Swedish restaurant, you can also then expect to have more than one. Edd Kimber



• If you have a very sweet tooth, try coating the chocolate balls with pärlsocker (pearl sugar) instead of dessicated coconut.
•  If you like coconut, try making tiny balls instead. I know someone who makes between 30 and 40 balls from this mixture! It takes all sorts…


1. Mix together the butter, sugar and vanilla until fully combined.

2. In a small bowl combine the coffee and cocoa powder and mix to form a thick paste. Allow to cool slightly then pour into the butter mixture and mix together until fully combined. Add the salt and oats and mix together until fully combined.

3. Take a spoonful of the mixture and roll between your hands to form a small ball. Roll in the coconut and set aside and repeat with the remaining mixture. Refrigerate until firm. Best served slightly chilled although perfectly good at room temperature too.


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