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Circular Day changes name and starts Christmas shopping

The day for circular consumption, White Monday, updates its name. In 2019, the movement became international and over 500 companies, organizations and influencers from 30 countries from all continents participated. On November 23, the movement will kick-start Christmas shopping again – where rent, repair and buy second-hand are the slogans!

New name

The day for circular consumption, Circular Monday, has updated its name, but occurs as usual the Monday before Black Friday. The day and the movement are to promote a circular consumption. Shopping for a used mobile phone, renting a party tent at a student party or repairing your broken clothes are three examples of this. You buy something, a product or service, but it does not require new production and unnecessary emissions.

The new start of Christmas shopping

The shopping days have grown in Sweden since 2013, and according to Svensk Handel, they have contributed to the Christmas shopping now starting already in November *. Circular Monday was founded in 2017 to show consumers alternatives to the new consumption that the shopping days bring. The participating companies show that it is just as well to shop for Christmas by repairing and buying used, or giving away a gift card for rental services.

– We have gathered hundreds of companies for those who want to shop circular Christmas gifts. For example, gift cards for repairs and rental services or why not a used laptop? The function you get out of the product is the same, regardless of whether it is new or used, says the founder of the movement, Henning Gillberg.

– Finally, it is considered climate-smart and carefully chosen to give away stuff. Circular Monday is the only Monday of the year that the majority of our stores are open. Some great Christmas gift tips to look out for are; a book classic in leather straps, a finely knitted wool sweater and wooden toys from classic Swedish brands, says Karin Staberg, Marketing & Concept Manager at Erikshjälpen Second Hand.

– The level of consumption of newly produced in Sweden is among the highest in the world. An easy way for a private person to reduce their climate footprint is to buy used Christmas presents instead of new ones, says Tero Marjamäki, communications manager at Blocket.

Facts – Circular Monday

  • Founded in 2017 in Malmö by the entrepreneur Henning Gillberg and a colleague, it was then called White Monday.
  • Gathers 100+ circular companies in Sweden that go out with try-out discounts on circular services, such as repairs, rental services and second-hand goods.
  • In 2019, the movement became international and companies from over 30 countries participated, from Kenya to Canada.
  • Events on the theme of circular consumption are arranged in most cities both in Sweden and other countries.
  • Second-hand shops all over the country are extra open and lower prices on just used goods.
  • Always occurs the Monday before the American shopping phenomenon Black Friday, to show private individuals alternative consumption patterns.
  • Employees of participating companies & organizations are often dressed in white during the day.
  • Instagram @circularmonday
  • Website www.circularmonday.com – a year-round platform for consumers to find circular businesses.