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Congratulations to “En blek blondins hjärta” – 30 years today !!!

The bleached blonde returns today, after exactly 30 years. Eva Dahlgren’s acclaimed, rewarded and history-writing masterpiece “A pale blonde’s heart” turns 30 today. Today, a limited anniversary edition of only 500 copies of vinyl is released.

It was on September 12, 1991 that Eva Dahlgren released her seventh album that made one of the deeper imprints in the Swedish music soul.

“A pale blonde’s heart” is the album that during its first 30 years has constantly gained new listeners, sold more than half a million physical copies, been awarded 5 grams and is unthreatened one of the great Swedish classics.

Jan Gradvall chose to express himself like this in his review of the blonde birthday album;
-A pale blonde’s heart is an album entirely shaped by the 1991 sound ideal. The music is full of high-tech features and details made for the CD era. The album is like a car that has just been driven out of the factory.
Pure perfection.

You buy your copy of “A pale blonde’s heart” here

Perfection will not only be heard on newly released vinyl, Eva Dahlgren has more to offer.
-I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I will play Blondinen live from start to finish. From “I am God” to “Dreams and the wall” – together with my band * I will try to recreate the sound and the feeling. It will be so nice, I know, it feels like she’s holding my hand. Welcome to Göta Lejon in Stockholm on Valentine’s Day 2022.

On February 14, Eva Dahlgren with band Göta Lejon takes the stage in Stockholm and gives the audience the whole “A pale blonde’s heart”.

Tickets will be released tomorrow, September 13 at 10:00 (Swedish time), 4pm HKT
You secure your ticket here.