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Crowdfunded musical about Sweden’s richest man becomes reality

In March 2022, it is 90 years since Ivar Kreuger, who was then Sweden’s and perhaps the world’s richest man, died in Paris. In his hometown Kalmar, a crowdfunding has been arranged this year where more than 600 Kalmar residents interested in culture and music have joined forces and financed the musical “Ivar”. In addition, several companies in the legal, construction, real estate, newspaper and financial worlds have sponsored.

Now it is staged at Kalmar Theater and played throughout March 2022.

– The interest is incredible, we are completely overwhelmed by the response here in Kalmar. It will be a full evening performance of 2.5 hours with a full ensemble and orchestra on stage, says Michael Ländin who is responsible for the idea and music.

Ivar contains 15 works. Lyricist for several of them is Anders Lundquist, music journalist. Jonas Hellberg is responsible for the script. Producer is Martina Sundén who has been in Trassel with Robert Gustafsson. As a director, she has brought in Mia Nilsson from the School of Performing Arts at Öland Folk High School. In the role of Ivar, we see Jan Dzedins everyday as cultural director in Emmaboda.

In the roles:
Jan Dzedins (Ivar Kreuger)
Ingemar Berntsson (Ernst Kreuger)
Amanda Mårtensson (Ingeborg Eberth)
Magnus Kviske (Stickan)
Fanny Reje Franzén (Greta Garbo)
Mathias Sundén (Torsten Kreuger)
Martin Ibohm (Oscar Rydbeck)
Simon Almljung Törngren (Paul Toll)
Maja Persson and Alvar Hultqvist (Ivar Kreuger as a child).

Website: www.ivar.life