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Cuba Cola – Sweden’s first cola, updated taste and new design

Cuba Cola was launched in 1953 and was the first cola drink to be sold in Sweden. Now, Spendrups wants to add fresh bubbles to the Swedish soft drinks shelves – by re-launching the cult drinks with updated recipes and brand new designs.

Soon a large dose of Swedish nostalgia will come to the soft drinks shelves. Spendrups has purchased the Cuba Cola brand with the ambition to shake up the Swedish soft drink market and to attract Swedish consumers. Through a new design inspired by Cuba Cola’s heyday during the 1950s, Spendrups wants to convey a sense of a up-and-coming with a modern expression. The classic soft drink with roots in Malmö has always been associated with its unique taste – a taste that Spendrups has now developed and refined with an updated recipe.

– Cuba Cola is a brand with great potential, many know the brand but few may know that it was Sweden’s first cola. With the acquisition of Cuba Cola, we want to carefully refine and develop this national dress into a modern classic, says Anna-Stina Hallberg, Marketing Manager Spendrups.

The Cola flavor is the largest flavor in the soft drink category and accounts for over 60 percent of all volume in Sweden. The growth rate in soft drinks is primarily driven by sugar-free alternatives, which now account for more than 40 percent of total sales. That’s why Cola Cuba Zero, a sugar-free version of the original, is also being launched.