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Darin on a big summer tour in Sweden

After filling the country’s biggest arenas in 2019, Darin embarks on a long-awaited summer tour. Among other things, there will be unique concerts at Skansen and Dalhalla.

Together with his audience, Darin created a magnificent show when in spring 2019 he performed three full arena shows at Ericsson Globe, Scandinavium and Malmö Arena, which was widely praised by the press and the audience.

Over 300 million have streamed Darin’s music on Spotify and now Darin is finally back with new music. The beautiful single “En säng av rosor” (A Bed of Roses) was released on February 7 and has already reached success on Spotify’s top list, the Swedish peak, Rix FM topp6 and others. 

For the summer, the big scenes await around the country, including concerts at both the classic Skansen in Stockholm and the mighty Dalhalla outside Rättvik. Unique gigs in the Swedish summer night.

Here you can see Darin in the summer of 2020:

03/07 Göteborg, Liseberg

11/07 Svedala, Sommarrocken

15/07 Borgholm, Vida Museum & Konsthall

17/07 Kalix, Sommarfesten

22/07 Halmstad, Hotell Tylösand

24/07 Sundsvall, Torgfesten

30/07 Norrköping, Hugo Parkfestival

31/07 Stockholm, Skansen

07/08 Rättvik, Dalhalla

08/08 Djurö, Folkparken

21/08 Uppsala, Fyrishov