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Don’t come here – we come to you! Online art exhibition with Catrine Näsmark

On March 28, at 10pm (3pm Swedish time), artist Catrine Näsmark will be offering a personal exhibition of her artwork, live on NOA’s Instagram channel, all to help make art available to everyone during a time that limits our social presence.

Catrine will offer a grand entrance, an art exhibition on roller skates but also a nice display of her modern and successful art. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Catrine, not an opportunity you want to miss!

My little pony

Catrine Näsmark likes to paint horses, the powerful animals are one of her recurring themes. Here’s a lively pony that gives the impression of being on the way out of the painting.

– I’m really scared of horses, my dad kept racing horses but I’ve never been a horse girl. To me, the horse represents strength, power – horsepower simply. It’s the same thing I work on when I paint cars, motorcycles or athletes. It is a force that I need as an artist and that I want to convey in the paintings.

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Photo by: Cia Liljeton