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Dundret is Sweden’s best ski resort in 2020

After a vote on the Freeride ski site, Dundret stands as the winner and can be named Sweden’s best ski resort in 2020. Over 9,000 people have said theirs and Dundret received a full 19% of the votes.

– It feels really great that we have been voted Sweden’s best ski resort and we are deeply grateful to everyone who has voted. It says a lot about the kind of power that is around Dundret and how great the interest is for what we offer. That in year one we would pass the giants in the south, read Kläppen, Idre, Åre, Funäsdalen and others is really just crazy. The fact that we worked to strengthen the associations, created the conditions for the school (skiing upper secondary school) and along the way created the trust of our proud ambassadors who have now voted for Dundret is probably proof that we worked at the right points from the beginning. We did not miss what our product is, it is and will always be downhill skiing in all its categories in the first place, says Dundret’s operations manager Tobias Larsson and continues;

– With the future that exists with the athletics hall, ice and event arena, multi-activity house, Knowledge House, regional hospital, Malmbanan and the two nearby airports in Gällivare and Kiruna and the buildings around Repisvaara, the future really looks bright for Dundret. Now with this in the back we take and work towards the next goal with even more energy.

Gällivare municipality bought the ski resort in the summer of 2019. There are big plans for the future where the company Dundret Fjällanläggning AB is investing in further developing and extending existing slopes and installing a new snow cannon system. The range of activities and entertainment will be developed and more housing alternatives will be given priority.

– Incredibly fun and a confirmation that Dundret is on the right track. The operations manager Tobias Larsson, Linus Lagnestig / mountain manager and Johan Olofsson / operations manager have done a fantastic job in an extremely short time. In addition, the journey with Dundret’s development has just begun, says the municipal council Henrik Ölvebo.

– The fact that Dundret has now been voted Sweden’s best ski resort shows that we are really on top of things, and a place to count on for the future, says Jeanette Wäppling, municipal council.

– Fantastic fun that Dundret Fjällanläggning has been voted Sweden’s best ski resort. However, I am not surprised since we had nice slopes already from the start of the season, in addition with lots of snow early this year. A big thank you to everyone who voted at Dundret Fjällanläggning as Sweden’s best ski resort in 2019/2020 and to the staff at the facility who made this possible, says Birgitta Larsson, municipal council.

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All photos provided by Dundret Lapland 

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