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Eric Saade x Johan Jureskog – The Dinner Show







Eric Saade x Johan Jureskog – The Dinner Show Gothenburg

A holistic concept with food and pop music!

Johan and Eric met via Eric’s frequent visits to restaurant AG. Eric himself is very interested in wine and food and therefore they always got stuck in conversations about just that. At the same time, Eric was planning for his new project. A separate show!

“As an artist, I love the overall concept! The food should be as great an experience as the music. I myself have never been to a show where food has been a focus. I want to change that! Precisely because I love the overall concept! That’s why I called Johan! ” says Eric Saade.

Eric Saade is one of Sweden’s greatest pop artists. Johan Jureskog is one of the country’s greatest star chefs. Together they will create something completely unique with an exclusive number of seats during two weekends in October / November in Gothenburg.

Restaurant Trädgår´n:

“We are releasing tickets with the hope that we will be able to do this together for our guests. We closely follow the restrictions and adapt based on them. The garden has adapted the seating with distance between the tables, table service, hand alcohol, scattered arrival times, etc. ”