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Woodlife Sweden Exhibition

Exhibition / Fair





Exhibition / Fair

Woodlife Sweden Exhibition Malmö

The exhibition Woodlife Sweden puts the user of the built environment in the centre. The visitor is taken on a journey through Sweden, its different climates and conditions – from city to country, from small-scale projects to urban transformations.

Sweden has a long tradition of using nature´s raw materials in the built environment. Perhaps not surprising as forests cover 70 per cent of the country´s surface. Wood is part of all moments of life and contributes to people´s well-being. The use of wood is also deeply rooted in Swedish culture, having inspired many artists, writers and craftsmen through the centuries.

Architects, designers, and urban planners are accustomed to combine innovation and experience based on cultural heritage and skills to create unique spaces and objects.

A sustainable society also takes care of the forest as a renewable and living resource. In Sweden, the use of wood and forests have been protected by law since 1903, and when a tree is taken down, at least two new trees are planted. As a result, Sweden´s forests continue to increase in size, even though Sweden is a major supplier of wood products.

Most of the projects in the exhibition are completed, some are on their way up, while others are for the moment only strong visions of a better future.


Produced by the Swedish Institute and Architects Sweden in collaboration with Swedish Wood, the Swedish Wood Award and Swedish Forest Industries Federation in 2020.