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Everything under the sky

A cubic work of art “Everything under the sky” which is hand-painted directly on concrete slabs in a courtyard can now be enjoyed from many angles by staff, patients and visitors at St. Göran’s Hospital in Stockholm. The artwork must contribute to a human care environment and a place for reflection. The artwork was created during June to October 2021.

Art in hospitals is a form of caring for patients and staff and adds a humanistic, aesthetic and poetic dimension that meets our need for culture. That is why it is important to us humans.

In the new care buildings at St. Göran’s Hospital, several new works of art have been designed. The latest of them is the artwork “Everything under the sky” by the artist Olle Borg.

The artwork is a cubic dynamically painted work that is based on a mathematically generated pattern in one of the courtyards at St. Göran’s Hospital. The pattern, which is painted horizontally with stencils and a brush, takes on different expressions depending on where in the surrounding environments the viewer is.

– The idea with art in hospital environments is to give patients and staff a bit of beauty and pleasure in the hospital’s otherwise clinical environment. The work is part of our artistic investment externally and internally in connection with the hospital’s modernization and the construction of two new care buildings, says Andreas Keinil, property manager at Locum.