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Favorites from Absolut Art Collection – when the employees decide

It does not always go as planned, we learned this in the spring of 2020. Social distancing, shutdowns and concerns about infection have characterized our everyday lives. But in all this chaos new opportunities are also created. For Spritmuseum (the Liquor museum), this means that this summer’s art exhibition is curated by the staff, from the selection of art to the painting of the room. The exhibition will be on display June 13 – September 27, 2020.

About 20 employees and the museum’s board have explored the Absolut Art Collection and picked an artwork and wrote a motivation. The staff is not only in charge of the selection, they have also staggered and painted the art room, hung the exhibition and produced the graphic profile with wall texts and exhibition poster.

The result is a unique variegated exhibition where the selection reflects the versatility, the splendor, the poetry and the humor, which is in this very special art collection, says Mia Sundberg, art curator at the Spritmuseum. We show everything from the iconic paintings by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring to lesser known works of art by eg Jane “In Vain” Winkelman.

The staff is the key

It is not only in the exhibition work that the museum staff has been involved. The Corona crisis is forcing unconventional solutions. With reduced staff, many at the museum have taken on new roles and are now scheduled all summer with everything from working as busboys to staffing the museum’s reception.

This time of year, the Spritmuseum usually welcomes tourists from all corners of the world, says Ingrid Leffler, museum manager. But this year we are facing a completely different reality and have had to rethink and think again. In addition, such efforts make us even stronger, she concludes.

Facts about the Absolut Art Collection

In more than 850 paintings, graphic magazines, photographs, sculptures, furniture and crafts during the years 1985–2004, international and Swedish artists interpreted one and the same object: a vodka bottle. Most of the works were reproduced in advertisements by the client Absolut Vodka in magazines around the world. Many people have seen the advertising but far from everyone has seen the Absolut Art Collection, now at the Spritmuseum in Stockholm.


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