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First flying electric boat in commercial traffic in Sweden

This summer, visitors to the Kosterhavet National Park can experience the unique nature in a whole new way. Starting in mid-August, the Kosterhavets Ekobod will conduct guided tours with a copy of the world’s first flying electric boat, the Swedish Candela Seven.

The Swedish electric boat, which is being built on Lidingö outside Stockholm, flies about 60 centimeters above the surface with the help of computers and aircraft. Therefore, no surge waves are formed behind the boat, whose electric motor also makes it quiet and completely emission-free.

– We will offer flying electric boat trips in the national park. Some tours we have will stop on a islet and have a picnic, and some tours we have dinner at our restaurant with a taste of Kosterhavet, says Ulf Eriksson, owner of the Kosterhavets Ekobod.

Below the surface of Sweden’s first marine national park lives a large number of species that exist only here. Around the pits and islets swim the largest stock of clover seals in the North Sea, and here also the unusual silver star nest. Below the surface is also one of Sweden’s two known coral reefs. In total, there are about 12,000 species in the national park area bordering the Norwegian sister park Ytre Hvaler.

Ulf Eriksson has been at Koster since childhood. His grandfather was a fisherman and he runs ecotourism and a restaurant himself in his grandmother and grandfather’s house at Koster – alongside his career as a researcher in sustainable transport. When Ulf heard about the Swedish electric boat Candela, his dream of being able to offer sustainable tours in the national park was fulfilled.

– The future is here. Now we can let islanders and visitors enjoy the unique wildlife in the national park without causing swells, exhaust gases, fuel spills or noise, says Ulf Eriksson, owner of the Kosterhavets Ekobod, which bought the boat.

– The boat is perfect for ecotourism. Because the Candela Seven flies above the water, friction is minimal and the boat draws less energy than planing boats. The range is 50 nautical miles in 20 knots, which is 2-3 times longer than other fast electric boats. That is why we can also reach Yttre Hvaler, he says.

The Swedish carrier boat, which has received a lot of international attention, has been developing since 2015. Thanks to a wing under the water, the lifting force becomes so large that the boat in 17 knots begins to float above the surface, which reduces friction by 80 percent compared to the planing hull and thus for the first this time makes it possible to go far on electricity at sea.

With contributions from the Swedish Energy Agency, VINNOVA and private investors, founder Gustav Hasselskog and his team of engineers have now started serial production in the factory at Lidingö outside Stockholm. 15 boats are already delivered to buyers worldwide.

– We have sold boats to Silicon Valley and the British Virgin Islands. But it feels extra fun to let visitors enjoy Sweden’s most beautiful environments, without the nature being suffering. That’s why I built the boat, says Gustav Hasselskog.


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