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First-year students at Nicolaiskolan get a taste of the fashion industry in different design assignments

How about creating a dress from recycled tennis balls? Textile Design students took on a different design assignment, which is completely in line with Sweden’s most sustainable upper secondary school – Nicolaiskolan in Helsingborg.

A design assignment from idea to finished product

Earlier this spring, an interior designer at the company Kant till kant contacted Nicolaiskolan for a collaboration in an assignment for the paddle company Racqet.

– The interior designer would project lead the opening of a new store in Helsingborg. She wanted to give young people an opportunity to contribute and wondered if our students were eager to create a tennis ball dress for the inauguration, which is now until the weekend of 23-25 April. And of course they were! says Anna Falk, vocational teacher at Nicolaiskolan.

The students in year 1 each started creating their own design proposal for the tennis ball dress. Then the interior designer selected the proposals that best fit the company’s vision and the students continued to collaborate with the chosen design, as a team, to complete the dress.

In the assignment, the students have worked with various elements from idea to finished product with, among other things, fashion drawing, construction, problem solving and creation in different materials.

Open doors to the outside world

– For us, it is important that our students work project-oriented together with other students and with clients from the industry. Then the students learn more and are prepared, regardless of whether they want to start their own right after high school or study further in Sweden or abroad, says Anna Falk.

Helsingborg-based Tretorn donated used tennis balls to the students’ design assignments.
– It is completely in line with how we work with sustainability at Nicolaiskolan regardless of program. The fashion industry is also moving towards a more sustainable, genuine and close production, says Anna.

– It is fun to give young people an opportunity to show their creativity to a larger audience and the students’ tennis ball dress is well made and really stands out. We hope for an eyebrow raiser this weekend !, says Magnus Månsson, CEO of Tretorn and Racqet.

A creative and challenging design

Designing a different dress together suited the students like a glove. Elias Rosdahl is one of the students in year 1:
– It was fun to work with a large company in a real order.
– Yes, it was really fun that we got the opportunity to show what we learned, says classmate Embla Chrona and Mariam Abid Ali agree:
– It was challenging too and our collaboration made everything better.

– Such an assignment is proof that we have a high-quality education and that the skills students possess are in demand in working life, the vocational teacher Anna Falk proudly concludes.