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Great interest in Swedish nature tourism in the international press despite the pandemic

In 2020, Visit Sweden completed a five-year initiative on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and together with the hospitality industry to position Sweden as a Sustainable Destination for Nature Tourism. In this initiative, the focus has been, among other things, on processing international media.

This has given a good result as the total PR value for nature tourism publications in 2020 was at the same level as in 2019, despite the fact that global tourism was hit hard by the Corona pandemic.

Sustainable travel was in even greater focus for Visit Sweden’s press work in 2020 and an example of this is the focus on Gothenburg when the city was named by Lonely Planet as the 2021 city for sustainable city travel.

During the year, a recurring theme that has been highlighted has been the opportunity to experience nature and at the same time live in unique and spectacular places. An asset for the destination Sweden.

In the five-year investment, the goal was reached to become top three when potential visitors spontaneously think of countries that offer sustainable nature experiences. Sweden ends up in second place after Norway. This gratifying result showed a survey among the target group conducted in the most important visitor markets Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Visit Sweden has within the framework of this initiative made notable international campaigns such as “Sweden on AirBnB”, “The 72 h cabin” and “The Edible Country”.

Within the framework of the effort, Visit Sweden, in collaboration with the hospitality industry, managed to host the World Congress, Adventure Travel World Summit, ATWS in Gothenburg 2019. The event received the highest ratings from participating international media and tour operators that an ATWS has ever had.

“Nature tourism – as a way to disconnect from technology and enjoy a slower pace of life – will become more popular. Choosing relatively unexplored places in the countryside to holiday in, in front of built-up areas, is also reinforced by COVID-19 “, says Jenny Jonevret Senior Project Manager for the Sustainable Nature Tourism program.

“The pandemic has further increased the link between our commitment to our climate and individual health – leading to an increased demand for sustainable travel,” she continues.

The continued strong interest in experiences in nature can be linked to strong trends that have emerged in Visit Sweden’s latest trend report, such as the demand for packaged and safe adventures where more and more people seek out nature but need guidance and support. The longing for real nature experiences and the growing commitment to our climate also affects the interest in nature tourism.