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Groundbreaking dance – fast rotating floors and breathtaking flights

Flights, levitations and fast rotating floors. The dance night Beyond with new works by Yoann Bourgeois and Wang Ramirez will be something high out of the ordinary. World premiere March 6.

For the dance night Beyond, the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company has worked with two choreographer constellations, which despite completely different expressions, have a lot in common. Despite great success, neither the duo Wang Ramirez nor Yoann Bourgeois have previously created works for an ensemble of the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company’s size or for a house with similar technical resources. With their new works they also challenge themselves and the dancers to a new level. Far above the ground.

Frenchman Yoann Bourgeois, an acclaimed star in his home country, is known for lifting the law of gravity with his strongly touching dance poetry. With a background as a circus artist and acrobat, he uses mechanical stage designs made in close collaboration with specialized engineers.

The new work Hurricane is performed on a large, rapidly rotating floor, surrounded by a lifting crane and ramps. Instead of performing their movements themselves, the dancers are rather exposed to external forces that set their bodies in motion. In the same way that we all obey the laws and nature of nature. The earth spins no matter what we humans do.

– The fast spinning scene is a visually strong image with many bottoms. I am looking for a universal expression that many can relate to. Working with natural laws makes it possible. We have created our own cultures and our ideas about life. In order for them to exist, we must believe in them. For example, democracy and human rights are our own constructions that exist only as long as we believe in them. But gravity ignores whether we believe it or not. It still exists, says Yoann Bourgeois.

With Hurricane, Yoann Bourgeois continues his exploration of “point de suspension”, the breaking point between two forces where an absolute standstill, a weightlessness occurs – before the movement takes over again.

– Imagine throwing a ball in the air. The fraction of a second before it falls, it’s “point de suspension”. It can also be the end of a question, the intonation goes up, the question is asked, there is a void … before the answer is given. In all my works, this is where I strive. Where all forces are in balance.

Duon Wang Ramirez – Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez – who, like Yoann Bourgeois, are based in France, often combine styles such as hip hop and popping with martial arts, contemporary dance, physical theater and acrobatics. Previous works have been put on, among other things, the rich Sadler’s Wells in London.

With Au revoir, they have increased the stakes on all fronts. More dancers, ropes and harnesses for flights. The work, which in many ways is permeated by the number three, explores issues of boundaries of various kinds in a changing, three-dimensional scenography.

– This is the first time we are working in such a large and complex institution with so many extremely talented contemporary dancers. Together with them we have taken our art to a place where we have not been before. We have dared to leave our comfort zone and challenged ourselves not only to create beautiful works that we know we like and feel comfortable with. We are in a creative place that feels a little uncomfortable, but at the same time it allows us to put our creativity at stake and try new things, ”says Honji Wang.

WORLD PREMIUM FRIDAY, MARCH 6 at 7pm, Stora Scenen (Main stage).
10 performances through April 19, 2020. Duration about 2 hours including break.

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