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Gustaf Westman releases furniture collection with Halebop

The new furniture collection Colored Paper Objects, which consists of a bench, two mirrors and a lamp, is made from recycled paper using papier maché technology. The collection is handcrafted and small-scale produced by hand.

– My ideas often arise in the meeting between form and function. In this project, I have had the opportunity to explore a new material that is quite untraditional in furniture production but at the same time feels like a very modern and accessible form of craft, says Gustaf Westman.

Gustaf Westman is an architecture student from Borås who dropped out of Chalmers to invest wholeheartedly in furniture design. Since then, he has in a short time attracted attention both nationally and internationally for his colorful design and playful shapes. Earlier this week, he was awarded the Elle Deco Design Award 2021 in the category Eye-catcher of the Year.

The new furniture collection Colored Paper Objects is handmade in a limited edition and is therefore not for sale in larger volumes. Instead, Gustaf is releasing instructions for the first time on how to make the furniture, so that those who are interested can make their own Gustaf Westman-inspired designs with the help of things you have at home. Instructions on how to proceed will be available in Halebop’s channels.

The collection is part of Halebop Creative Call, an initiative where Halebop together with young creators challenge traditional work processes. The project Colored Paper Objects is the last to be launched during the 2020/2021 edition of Creative Call, where two other creators and a creative collective also participated.

– I am far from alone in really admiring Gustaf Westman’s innovative design. Therefore, it is extra fun that through Creative Call he welcomes us into his world and shows how we can make our own Gustaf Westman-inspired design. This is something that will be welcomed by many in these homecoming times, says Johanna Sahlman, Head of Halebop.

Read more about the Colored Paper Objects collection and how you can make your own Gustaf Westman-inspired furniture here

Photo by Amanda Nilsson