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Hanna Oscarsson, the “Best Bar Artist 2020” in Art of Italicus 2020 Glo-Cal Edition

On February 15th, Hanna Oscarsson at the Cadier Bar, Grand Hôtel Stockholm, was announced the winner in the prestigious Art of Italicus 2020 Glo-Cal Edition. The Glo-Cal edition involved up to 80 bars, 80 bartenders, and was hosted across 10 cities. Participating bartenders were asked to present an Italicus Aperitivo cocktail inspired by their local region for the chance to be named the Best Bartender Artist 2020. The Jury were seeking the most original and creative recipes, as well as successful overall activation. Hanna’s cocktail “La Briosa” with Lacto-fermented apples with plum had everything that the jury was looking for:

Hanna Oscarsson produced by far the best tasting and looking cocktail in the competition, she used Italicus as the only alcoholic ingredient, her personality is strong, she is very inspiring and artistic and she is a rising star in the Swedish scene”, the judges summarized.

Hanna’s previous experience of working with Italians in Stockholm has been a big inspiration for her creation, the contrast between the loud Italians and the quiet Swedes is a bit like the contrast used in the different technics in this creation.

It feels fantastic to be named the Best Bar Artist 2020. It’s such an honor. In the creation of the cocktail, I have started from similarities and differences between Swedish and Italian culture in both taste and technology. Obviously, it was the right way to go” Hanna declaims.