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Haunted hotel room opens for guests in Gothenburg – who dares to stay all night?

Just in time for the autumn darkness, other dimensions have entered a hotel in the city, to room 13 at Gothia Towers. The booking for this year’s autumn news is now opening in Gothenburg. Who dares to spend the night in the haunted room? The doors close at 21.00.

– Room 13 is our big news for this year’s autumn in Gothenburg. Here we are not talking about a little cobweb in the corners, but more a kind of scare that makes the hair on the arms stand up. We see that the interest in Halloween increases every year and in addition to Halloween at Liseberg, there are lots of experiences on the theme of autumn rice in the city, says Andrea Jovell, Head of Marketing & Communication at Gothenburg & Co.

– I myself am easily intimidated and would choose another room and beware of number 13.

Closed door from 9 p.m.

Hand in your mobile phone at check-in, take a deep breath and open the door to Room 13. Take a step into the room and hear the door close behind your back. The time is 21.00 and a long night awaits.

– Of course we do not want to tell you exactly what will happen during the night. What we can say is that there will be many heart-pounding surprises, and it will always be possible to contact staff, if it should be too scary, says Jessica Westh, business developer at Gothenburg & Co.

Ghost-free rooms and scares

For those who want a quieter stay, there are plenty of ghost-free hotel rooms in Gothenburg. And during the waking hours, there are many scares in the city during the fall. You can choose between scary city walks, theater with horror elements, murder mysteries, horror houses at Liseberg, spiders at Universeum and ghosts at Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus.

Booking information:
The haunted hotel room is available to book at Gothia Towers from October 16 to November 7
Max 1 night per family
The minimum recommended age for children is 10 years