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Here are this year’s Grammy winners 2021

Yesterday, on June 3, the annual Grammy Gala was held at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, adapted to The Public Health Agency’s Covid-19 recommendations. 2020’s most noticed artists, musicians and creators were awarded in 23 categories, with Victor Leksell taking home the most awards with both Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. Ane Brun and Ana Diaz were awarded two prizes each in the categories Alternative Pop of the Year and Composer of the Year and Pop of the Year and of the Year, respectively lyricist.

The winners of Grammy 2021 are...

Album of the year
Victor Leksell – Catch me when I fall

This year’s alternative pop
Ane Brun – After The Great Storm

Artist of the year
Victor Leksell

This year’s children’s music
Britta Persson – People – Poems and tones about people

Dance band of the year
Martinez – Bubbelgum

Electro / dance of the year
Off The Meds – Off The Meds

This year’s folk music
Lena Jonsson Trio – Stories from the Outside

This year’s hip hop
Yasin – 98.01.11 / More To Life

Hard rock / metal of the year
Dark Tranquility – Moment

Jazz of the year
Amanda Ginsburg – In the small things, most things happen

This year’s classic
Jacob Kellermann & Christian Karlsen – Rodrigo, Coll & Harden: Guitar Works

Composer of the year
Ane Brun

Song of the year
Victor Leksell – Weak

Music video of the year
Vedran Rupic – Salvatore Ganacci featuring Sébastien Tellier – Boycycle

Newcomer of the Year
Mona Masrour

Pop of the year
Ana Diaz – Comfort and water

Producer of the year
Oscar Holter & Martin Sandberg

Rock of the year
Hurula – Jehovah

Soul of the year / RnB
Zikai – Make You Mine

Lyricist of the year
Ana Diaz – Comfort and water

This year’s show / singer-songwriter
Iiris Viljanen – The little mermaid

This year’s honorary award
Eva Dahlgren

Motivation reads:
“In the 1990s, Eva Dahlgren became THE most respected and best-selling domestic Swede the artist, with a peak when “En blekt blondins hjärta” reached over half a million copies sold in 1991. But she has a strong career both before and after this. Eva entered the Swedish scene in its most popular respect: she participated twice early in the Melodifestivalen and was in the acclaimed feature film G. From there she took one of the more remarkable steps in Swedish popular music around the aforementioned “En blekt blondins hjärta.” With a total of nine Grammys, she is one of the award’s most award-winning of all time. Later, Eva has expanded her register to include a children’s book author but has always looked forward also musically, been with his time. In 2020, she made the critically acclaimed album “Evalution”.

She is one of our most respected singers in all categories and is with her total of ten Grammys one of the most award winning at the gala of all time.

Eva Dahlgren has been nominated as the recipient of the Honorary Award of the Year at Grammy 2021. ”

This year’s special award
Per Sinding-Larsen

Motivation reads:
“No one symbolizes coverage of popular music on Swedish television like this music journalist. From 1991 he was on the then ZTV and did more than 2000 interviews and portraits. The habit he then went to Sveriges Television where, in addition to expertise, he ran program projects such as “Studio Pop” and “PSL”. His coverage has been awarded the Grand Journalist Prize twice and in addition to the roles on Swedish Television, Sinding Larsen has made documentaries with e.g. a Kent and artists from the contemporary Swedish hip-hop scene. He has also been a recurring conference at the Roskilde Festival’s Orange Stage since 2001. His passion for Swedish popular music and music publishing has been total for three decades, and it definitely does not seem to diminish. The jury’s special prize at Grammy 2021 is awarded to the TV personality and music journalist Per Sinding-Larsen. ”

Sustainable artist of the year
Stefan Sundström

During the Grammys, the Sustainable Artist of the Year award was also presented, a scholarship instituted by Oatly and Grammys. The jury’s motivation is:

“If the Sustainable Artist of the Year had different subcategories, Stefan Sundström would probably have combed home as his involvement includes sustainable home cultivation, the sea state and soil ecosystems, forestry and agricultural issues, anti-flight initiatives, sustainable touring, and much more. This is evident in his lyrics, books, stage performances and chronicles, participation in podcasts and radio programs, and not least in his many appearances as a public figure. Add to that the fact that Stefani basically lives self-sufficiently. Such a very well-deserved recipient of the scholarship Sustainable Artist of the Year 2021! ”

Tonight’s host couple for Grammis were Amie Bramme Sey and Johanna Nordström. During the gala exclusive performances by Benjamin Ingrosso, Veronica Maggio, 1.Cuz & Greekazo, Molly Sandén, LÉON and Kristofer Greczula.