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I captured Norrbotten’s mountain world in a bottle.

At the Kebnekaise massif, the Kalix River begins its 430-kilometer journey. It storms through rapids and waterfalls, through forests and meadows, before flowing into the sea in the Gulf of Bothnia.

It was when I left Stockholm for Norrbotten that I fell for the beautiful nature that northern Sweden prides itself on, and I realized that I wanted to capture the experience in a way that no one else has done before. The Kalixälven journey and the landscapes it passes finally became what laid the foundation for Norrbotten’s Distillery.

At the end of 2019, after months of tireless work with both recipe development and building our high-tech production chain, we were finally able to launch our first product – Mountain Dry Gin. In less than two years, it has won several awards in prestigious competitions around the world, and is today one of Sweden’s most award-winning gins.

Mountain is a tribute to Sweden’s highest mountain, and it takes its crunchiness from Kebnekaise’s fresh air. In accordance with our slogan “A Fusion of Extremes”, our journey continues even outside Norrbotten’s borders, to places on the other side of the earth. With Mountain, that journey went from Sweden to the world’s highest mountain, and the hourglass that grows in the Himalayas. Together with kvanne and birch leaves from Norrbotten’s mountain world, these three key botanicals create a gin that captures the essence of Swedish nature while stretching the boundaries of what a classic gin can be.

It has been an incredible feeling to see Mountain get away from an idea to your bar cabinets, and to see how well it has been received by you is something I could only dream of. I am incredibly grateful to have you on the trip, and look forward to showing you more of Norrbotten! Until then, Mountain is available to order at your nearest Systembolag (in Sweden), and I have also produced most of the serving suggestions for you that you will find on our website.

– Dennis Bejedal, founder & master distiller