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Ida Sjöstedt in design collaboration with Arvid Nordquist and Berne Grande Récolte

Together with fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt, Arvid Nordquist launches a limited edition of the French rosé wine Berne Grande Récolte. Ida Sjöstedt stands for the design of the label that brings to mind the beauty of nature and the beauty of flowers. The bottle with Ida Sjöstedt’s exclusive label will be launched in late April in a limited edition.

The inspiration for the design of the label is drawn from the summer’s beauty and floral splendor that both Sweden and Provence offer but in their unique ways, with a clear link to Ida Sjöstedt’s iconic floral design. The pattern depicts an oversized flower bouquet in earthly bleached shades, with elements of peony red and olive, together with bright roses.

“In my upcoming collection, I have been inspired by the beauty of nature, a thriving summer meadow, a sunset and the rippled, sparkling water surface of a lake, are all examples of perfection where everything is created in total harmony. I used the same thoughts in my collaboration with Grande Récolte. I wanted to create perfect harmony between the label and the content and based on the floral print that matches my image of nature’s aesthetics in Provence – a place I have so far only visited in my imagination, says Ida Sjöstedt, founder and designer of Ida Sjöstedt.

The pattern on the label is also seen in Ida Sjöstedt’s upcoming collection where she combined the pattern with garments in glittering gold, cream white pearls and rustic linen.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Ida Sjöstedt, her creative expression sits perfectly on the iconic square bottle of Grande Recolte from Château de Berne, which encloses the breathtaking landscape and art de vivre in our fantastic Provencal vineyard,” says Anne-Laure Mabellini, Marketing and Communications Director at Château de Berne.

Berne Grande Récolte is a rosé wine with youthful scent and a fruity, fresh taste with hints of red currants, strawberries, fresh herbs, strawberries and grapefruit. The wine has a well-balanced acid with a long aftertaste. Suitable for meals such as salad, fish or chicken, as well as aperitifs and social drinks.