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IKEA launches FÖRÄNDRING collection made of rice straw for better air

Rice straw is a part of the rice plant that is normally burned after harvest and thus results in serious problems with air pollution. The IKEA collection FÖRÄNDRING aims to contribute to better air by instead converting rice straw into renewable raw materials for the manufacture of IKEA products. The collection contains rugs, lampshades and other decorative objects – all made from harvest residues from the rice fields. FÖRÄNDRING collection is on a temporary visit to IKEA from January 8, 2021.

Rice straw, which is a residual product from when rice is harvested, burned in the fields after harvest is one of the contributing factors to air pollution and high levels of dangerous smog in megacities like New Delhi and its surroundings. In 2018, IKEA launched the initiative “Better air now” with the goal of going from burning the leftovers to instead converting them into raw materials. Now comes the first results in the FÖRÄNDRING collection.

– As I grew up in India, I have never been able to take clean air for granted, heavy air pollution is part of my and many other people’s everyday lives. Designing a collection that helps to improve the situation has given me a lot of energy. We wanted to draw attention to this important topic through the FÖRÄNDRING collection, says IKEA designer Akanksha Deo.
The collection was named FÖRÄNDRING (CHANGE) to illustrate the desire to contribute to a positive change with better air as a result.

– The colors in the FÖRÄNDRING collection go from dark blue to light blue and illustrate the existing situation with smog and air pollution, but also hope for a more optimistic future with fresh, clear air, says designer Iina Vuorivirta.

FÖRÄNDRING collection consists of items including carpets, table runners and ceiling lamp shades, but also decorative items such as murals, storage boxes, gift bags and cards. The objects are handmade by skilled Indian craftsmen in close collaboration with IKEA designers Akenksha Deo and Iina Vuorivirta.
– We wanted to focus on the material, the rice straws, and release it in the spotlight, says Akanksha Deo.

The combination of new raw material, contemporary form and traditional craftsmanship gives each item in the collection its unique expression. In addition, manufacturing contributes to creating sustainable jobs with good conditions in regions where it is needed most.