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IKEA opens the Circular Store in all its department stores

In the spring, IKEA will open the Circular Store in all its Swedish department stores. Here, furniture and home furnishings from IKEA get a second chance, while IKEA wants to make it easier for its customers to extend the life of their products and inspire more sustainable choices in everyday life.

In the new Circular store, IKEA will save furniture from becoming waste and give them a new chance to live. From Malmö in the south to Haparanda in the north, IKEA department stores are ready to take care of old IKEA furniture and resell them to give them a new life, in another home. At the same time, IKEA wants to inspire more people to live a more sustainable life within the planet’s boundaries through its employees and events in the store.

– We are in the middle of the biggest transformation in IKEA’s history, to become circular by 2030. With the Circular Store, we want to inspire more people to live a circular life, which is good for both wallet and planet, says Jonas Carlehed, sustainability manager at IKEA Sweden.

Thanks to the stores, IKEA is taking another step towards its goal of inspiring more people to live a more sustainable life within the planet’s borders and at the same time pave the way to be able to switch from a linear to a circular business model. An important part of IKEA’s sustainability work is that all products must be designed on the basis of circular principles and from renewable and recycled materials within ten years, while at the same time making it easier for customers to extend the life of their furniture and products.

– Extending the life of our products is a job we do together with our customers. We believe that it is important that sustainability becomes a natural part of the conversations with our customers and that we can share our knowledge of living a more sustainable life within the planet’s boundaries, says Jonas Carlehed.

The circular shop is a development of the former Bargain department. Here, IKEA has long worked to extend the life of furniture and reduce the number of products that are thrown away by fixing and repackaging damaged items. In addition to a new layout, the new store will continue to be a place to find bargains, and will also include an even wider range of smart home furnishing solutions at low prices.

  • In ten years, all IKEA products will be made from renewable or recycled materials and designed to be reused, resold or recycled.
  • In 2019, we gave 47 million products a new life through our Bargain departments worldwide.
  • Since the summer of 2020, we buy back and resell used IKEA furniture in all our department stores. All furniture sold in the Circular Store has been given a new chance, instead of being thrown away unnecessarily.
  • What is sold comes either from the expired range or from customers who have sold their unwanted furniture back to us.
  • All department stores throughout Sweden will have a Circular store before the summer of 2020. In the coming years, the plan is the same for all IKEA department stores throughout the world.
  • In the autumn of 2020, we took another important step when we opened the doors to our first pure second-hand store at the recycling mall ReTuna in Eskilstuna. The big difference is that in the second-hand shop we can renovate furniture that needs to be repaired. In our department stores, it is required that the products are in a certain condition for us to buy back used furniture and resell them.