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International film prize for Swedish environmental film

A film about the Swedish forest’s role in climate change has been praised at the international environmental film festival Deauville Green Awards in Paris.

“The forest – is it enough?” was awarded silver in the festival’s film class on the global energy conversion. The film is about how the expectations of the forest as a climate solution grow faster than the forest itself.

The film shows that Sweden already uses the forest to the max – and that even before we started flying and running on woods, making clothes from wood fiber and building more wooden houses. The production was praised with gold at an international film festival in Hamburg already last year.

– I hope that another prestigious award for the film will raise this important issue further. The film highlights the challenge from several angles and it becomes clear that there are no simple solutions, says Annika Nordin, Program Manager for Future Forests at the Swedish University of Agriculture, who is behind the film initiative.

– We have been able to tell about the complex ecological issues and make the political considerations in an exciting way, says science journalist Sverker Johansson at Bitzer Productions AB who produced the film. What matters is that Swedish politicians continue to talk about the forest as the solution to everything. Most recently for the expansion of Preem’s refinery in Lysekil.

Future Forests is a platform for interdisciplinary forest research, collaboration and research communication at SLU (Swedish University of Agriculture) in collaboration with Skogforsk and Umeå University.

The film team has worked together since 2017 and has so far won two gold and four silver at international film festivals in Cannes, Hamburg and Paris with their seven documentaries on the forest and man.

Watch the film here:

Photo: Sverker Johansson