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It’s time for Cow release season

The cow release is a phenomenon that has existed in Sweden for many years. It’s when you let the cows out after the winter season indoors. However, it is only in recent years that it has become a very popular activity for families to attend. When it’s time to release the cows, many see it as a clear sign that spring is here and summer is on its way.

For fifteen years, the Arla farmers have opened up their farms and invited the public to be part of the cow release. A folk party for the whole family and an opportunity to meet dairy farmers, ask questions and see how it works on a farm.

At Torsta Dairy farm, 63 dairy cows are now out. This year it was not an open event due to the current situation; therefore Torsta chose to broadcast the event for free and had a total of about 800 people watching!

All dairy farms have decided to cancel the public release this year, but instead, it is possible to follow live from a few different farms.

All photos by Torsta Dairy Farm


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