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Laleh makes the theme song of the new Utvandrarna – “The memory of a sea”

On Friday, November 12, Laleh will release the single “The Memory Of A Sea”. The song is also a leitmotif for SF Studio’s upcoming major film Utvandrarna (The Emigrants) directed by Erik Poppe. A magnificent and timeless adventure that has a cinema premiere all over Sweden on Christmas Day, December 25

– I remember when we got to read the emigrants in school and I got hooked on it even then, so it feels a little extra special to be a part of that story today. I wrote the song after seeing the first finished scenes from the film and was inspired by their journey across the Atlantic, the great ocean evoked the feeling of wanting to stand on land, says Laleh.

– I wanted to write a song about courage and gratitude and living with the memory of an ocean, Laleh continues.

Laleh’s journey into the Swedish people’s soul began as early as 2000 as an actor in the film Jalla! Jalla! With her debut album released in 2005, she already solidified her unique place in our history by becoming the first woman ever to win a Grammy for Producer of the Year. She has since managed to deliver contemporary classics such as “Live Tomorrow”, “A Moment on Earth”, “Some Die Young”, “Just Get Me Myself”, “Goliath” and “It will be good” which spread hope and joy during 2020.

Eight years ago, Laleh’s musical journey took her across the Atlantic, where she worked as a music producer and songwriter for international artists. But on June 10, 2022, she travels back to her old hometown Gothenburg to become the first Swedish female solo artist to do her own concert at Ullevi.

About the Emigrants

The Emigrants is an epic adventure based on Vilhelm Moberg’s beloved national epic. The film takes us on a magnificent journey from Småland across the Atlantic to Minnesota. In the main roles we see Lisa Carlehed and Gustaf Skarsgård as Kristina and Karl Oskar, Tove Lo as Ulrika and Sofia Helin as Judit.

The Emigrants is based on Vilhelm Moberg’s popular and classic novels that tell the story of how one and a half million Swedes made the journey to the United States in search of a new, better life.

The Emigrants is a SF Studios / Paradox production in co-production with TV4 & C More, Film i Väst, Fantefilm and Nordsvensk Filmunderhållning with production support from the Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, Nordisk Film och TV Fond, the Danish Film Institute in collaboration with DR.

The film is distributed by SF Studios and REInvent Studios handles international sales.

The song “Minnet av ett hav” will be released on Friday 12 November at 00:00 on all digital platforms.