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Live music from Orionteatern

Now when all of Cultural Sweden is unhappy, more or less still, energy and new ideas are released. In Orionteatern’s (the Orion Theater) foyer in Stockholm, five unique gigs will be broadcast live in the evenings from Monday, March 30 through Friday, April 3. (in the middle of the night in Hong Kong – 2 am)

Bo Sundström is the ciceron and together with the house orchestra, which is the cream of Stockholm’s jazz life, both music and conversation will be offered! The evenings are hosted by, among others, Bo Kasper’s orchestra, Isabella Lundgren, Frida Öhrn, Ida Sandlund, Malena Ernman, Sarah Dawn Finer, Magnus Västerbro and the Orion Theater’s business manager Agnes Rosenberg. There will also be talks about how Sweden, in large and small, is affected by the corona crisis, but also how it can bring us closer together.

“Me and my musician friends are climbing the walls because of inactivity. We want to work. Now we have to borrow an empty beautiful room at the Orion theater and broadcast five shows online. We can ventilate the whole thing that happens around us, with interesting people, and at the same time still the eager to play. This would have been really tricky to pull together in ordinary cases. Oh what fun it will be. ” says Bo Sundström, one of the initiators.

It is a small cost to follow the broadcasts and the surplus is distributed democratically among everyone involved.

The evenings will contain both artistic and entertaining height.

HERE you will find continuously updated information and also links to the concerts.


Main photo by: Carl Thorborg