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Loreen brings old music to life again, for the planet

On August 26, the fundraising gala “An evening for our planet” was shown on Swedish TV channel TV4. WWF’s fundraising for the planet created great commitment. During the evening, a series of reports were shown, interspersed with humorous sketches and music, which gave the audience a snapshot of nature, animals and the planet. And the response was not long in coming. Over 10,000 people signed up for the WWF to become planet sponsors during the evening!

– We are very happy about the Swedish people’s strong support. Many thanks to all the new sponsors and to those who already support us. For those who are still thinking, it is possible to become a sponsor at any time! It is clear that we are many who want to act. Everything we showed at the gala we will now be able to push harder – such as the protection of lions in Africa, the Baltic Sea work and the fight for the climate, says Gustaf Lind, Secretary General of WWF.