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Magnus Carlsson spreads hope and confidence

That we live in tough times, we all know. Many people in the world struggle not only with physical health but also with the mental. The Swedish artist Magnus Carlsson shared a post on Instagram yesterday where he told an important and strong story. At the same time he launched a new single with the aim to spread hope and confidence. With the approval from Magnus, we publish his text and video below.

Magnus Instagram post

Just over six months ago, before the Corona Pandemic, I was in New York. During my stay, I received an email that took hold of my heart. The person who wrote told about how my song “Live Forever” actually saved him from taking his own life when life felt the darkest.

Just before the email landed in my inbox, I had been watching the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” on Broadway. An incredibly strong musical that is about mental illness, the fear of loneliness and not “fitting in.” Maybe it was the musical experience that made the email I received make an extra strong impression.

That music has a positive impact on mental health is nothing new. It is also not the first time I take part in a life story like this, I hear it quite often both via email and letter but also in meetings with my audience. I decided from time to time to record my own version of one of the songs from the musical. “You Will Be Found” has a text that I think is more important than ever now in a time of people in isolation and increasing problems with mental illness and high stress in society, not least linked to the prevailing pandemic. Only in my own industry I do see how colleague after colleague goes into personal bankruptcy and has to leave house and home due to the current business ban.

Even though the subject is heavy, with the song I want to spread hope and confidence and perhaps raise the idea that we all need to be a little more sensitive to our surroundings. Dare to ask that question “how are you” even if we suspect that the answer is not a polite “good, thank you…”. Compassion and concern for others feel more important than ever right now. On all levels.

The string arrangement is written by the eminent @nippeankarblom who wrote the arrangements on my Christmas album “Happy Holidays”. Producer is @byhund who previously won an American Grammy for his collaboration with Taylor Swift. Choirs by fantastic @anneliaxon, the song is recorded at @oliverforsmark who is behind the new production of all my songs in my pub show “From Barbados to the Old Town”.

“You will be found” is available today, on World Mental Health Day, available on all digital platforms worldwide.

Visit Magnus webpage here