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The exhibition Bakom hörnet vindens jojk  presents a geographic and cultural landscape that is distant, yet familiar. A wind-worn face in the midnight sun, a pile of wooden boards under a tarp in a messy back yard, large-scale industry, and impressions in the ground that tell a story of belonging. Duchamp’s bottle rack, jawbones from reindeer joined together in protest, the hiss of the wind in a mobile phone, Orion over the road on a pitch-black day, a squirrel’s tail, functional clothing, and barren fells are all fragments of stories from different times and places that are represented in the exhibition. There is an experience, rich in contrast and complexity, that recurs t
19 September sees the opening of the fashion exhibition Maxjenny! – The Queen of Prints at Drottningholms Slottsteater. Inspired by motifs from the theatre’s unique 18th century environment, innovative designer Maxjenny Forslund has created a collection of print garments that straddles both art and fashion. Her creations will be on display until 11 October. Entrance to the exhibition is free.
Stockholm Jazz Festival is one of Sweden’s oldest festivals and one of Stockholm’s biggest events. In 2020  the festival will be back, 9-18 October and bigger than ever spreading jazz on over 60 venues around Stockholm.  It is a festival with a solid reputation in the music world and considered one of Europe’s most well-kept and pleasant festivals which for a while has had its home on the island of Skeppsholmen. With the move to Skansen in 2011 the festival began its journey into the future. Since 2012, the festival is housed indoors, on the best stages in Stockholm. In 2014 the festival expanded to 10 full days. Attendance exceeded 21,000 and some of the notable highlights incl
The Stockholm Film Festival is one of the leading film festivals in Europe and a dream come true for all cineasts. Hundreds of movies from all around the world are presented in different cinemas around Stockholm.The Festival is also recognized for its ability to promote and offer a venue for young and unestablished filmmakers. As many as a third of the films selected are made by a debuting director and only directors who have made less than 3 films are selected for the competition.