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The exhibition Woodlife Sweden puts the user of the built environment in the centre. The visitor is taken on a journey through Sweden, its different climates and conditions – from city to country, from small-scale projects to urban transformations.Sweden has a long tradition of using nature´s raw materials in the built environment. Perhaps not surprising as forests cover 70 per cent of the country´s surface. Wood is part of all moments of life and contributes to people´s well-being. The use of wood is also deeply rooted in Swedish culture, having inspired many artists, writers and craftsmen through the centuries.Architects, designers, and urban planners are accustomed to com
Have you ever wanted to be able to speak conversational Mandarin? Join our interactive crash course! Whether you would like to be able to take a taxi, order food or hold day-to-day conversations - this course is a good start!Read more by clicking here 
One week, 600 events and 40,000 visitors. The Medieval Week is a paradise for all who like jousting, markets, concerts, street theater, fire shows, storytelling, walks, lectures and more. The festival runs mainly in Visby's medieval fairytale environments, but also in rural Gotland. Here you will laugh, socialize and enjoy life together with minstrels, noble people, paupers and many more. Welcome! 

The 2020 version was 100% digital, earning the organization the prestigous prize "Årets stora turismpris", the annual grand tourism prize. Whatever the covid-19 situation will be in August 2021, we will strive to give all our online and on site visitors a safe and uplifting experienc
With the Windy City of Chicago as home town, Lollapalooza has grown into an international music event of colorfulness and creativity in the US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Berlin, Paris – and now Stockholm – with 1,5 million fans attending each year from all over the globe
The exhibition Bakom hörnet vindens jojk  presents a geographic and cultural landscape that is distant, yet familiar. A wind-worn face in the midnight sun, a pile of wooden boards under a tarp in a messy back yard, large-scale industry, and impressions in the ground that tell a story of belonging. Duchamp’s bottle rack, jawbones from reindeer joined together in protest, the hiss of the wind in a mobile phone, Orion over the road on a pitch-black day, a squirrel’s tail, functional clothing, and barren fells are all fragments of stories from different times and places that are represented in the exhibition. There is an experience, rich in contrast and complexity, that recurs t