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maxjenny! – a colorful success story

In August 2016, the Swedish designer Maxjenny established her clothing label maxjenny!. The business is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but her clients can be found all over the world. She offers a young Scandinavian fashion brand with head-turning apparel by combining innovative prints and intriguing silhouettes in loads of colors made from high-quality materials.

– All prints are designed and executed by Me, myself and I. With a digital camera, pencil, and computer; I develope the prints carefully. Together with high-end craftsmanship and an international sculptural silhouette, my namesake clothing line is designed for an international and contemporary demanding audience, says Maxjenny.

Color is key

According to Maxjenny, creativity is to see the things, the details, the collaboration, the shapes, the color combo, everything other people are not noticing. We talk about food, fabric, styles, new shapes, design, interior, bikes, everything. Sometimes it´s in front of you, and everybody can see it, but only the creative person takes it up and do something about it.

– I get extremely happy from surrounding myself with color. I love what color can express. Colors are fascinating and tell so many different stories, and therefore, colors are an infinite source of inspiration to me, almost like a raw material that keeps developing and changing. I have a strong DNA, an international design flair. I don’t do minimalism. I do overload in a very fine and tasteful demi-couture-way, it’s luxury for a small amount of money – affordable true luxury.


Colors are not really what we think of when we talk about Swedish fashion and design. So in this case, Maxjenny is quite unique. She does not think that Swedish fashion is getting more colorful; she rather thinks it’s because she comes from a different background than many other fashion designers. Maxjenny’s background is in furniture design.


-I am not taught the fashion way. I am free in mind. When you come from the outside, you have another underdog perspective. You don’t care about rules or ways to do things you do, and you trust yourself cause there is no else. And it becomes really interesting (and fun!) when you stop ”fit in” and execute.

The future is bright

maxjenny! is a brand loved by many, and she has lots of celebrities and members of the Royal family wearing her design. Maxjenny herself is uncertain about the future of retail and thinks she will have more popup shops for a few months in each location. 


Her dream is to succeed in Asia and on the US market. She visited Hong Kong for the first time in 2014 with The Swedish Fashion Council, and in 2018 she was part of ART & Design Market on Tour when they had a popup shop in Hong Kong, with a mix of Swedish designer brands.


Her designs have changed during the years and the future designs will probably look different from what we see today.


– I tend to register lots of strange things. My distinct energy reflects in my focus on interesting shapes and lines as well as fabric textures. Therefore I see striped fences in the middle of nowhere, super cool shoes that someone in the street is wearing, the weird aesthetics of many hairdresser salons – life is like a theatre, but instead of people playing a part they’re really just being themselves. So, I don’t need a lot of fuel, life is inspiring as it is. I am Creative.


All photos are borrowed by maxjenny! on Instagram @maxjenny


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