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Meet our first Swedish profile in Hong Kong: Jenny Ragnwaldh

Meet our first Swedish profile in Hong Kong – Jenny Ragnwaldh. Jenny is a Swedish designer and stylist and she has been living with her family in Hong Kong for the past four years. We decided to ask Jenny some questions about her view on Sweden and Hong Kong, very much connected to her area of business, sustainable fashion.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your work?

Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories is a luxury sustainable fashion brand based in Hong Kong, created in 2018 by me, Jenny Ragnwaldh. I am Swedish and am also working as a stylist.

My collection at Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories has two lines: Unique fabric bags and beautiful accessories with a luxury feel, made from second hand- vintage clothes and high-quality fabric leftovers which are handmade locally in Hong Kong; Vintage-inspired leather belts with a modern twist, all handcrafted in China. The signature of Jenny Ragnwaldh’s design is a vibrant mix of patterns and colors influenced by Eastern and Western cultures.

Which are the biggest challenges in your work?

I got limited materials because I want to use exclusive vintage fabrics. From my supplier, I have very limited choices because I only use leftovers from their bigger productions for other brands. The next challenge is to make an attractive product from the materials I got.

Which are the differences between Sweden and Hong Kong when it comes to sustainable fashion?

Hong Kong and Chinese people want brand-new things. They like high-quality and exclusive items but they are not so interested in sustainability, brand recognition is more important. In Sweden, people are more eager to know the story behind the brand and appreciate the craftsmanship. Second-hand and vintage are more popular in Sweden than in Hong Kong.

What is your dream for 2020?

My dream is to establish my brand in both Hong Kong and Sweden and make people appreciate that sustainable design can be very beautiful.

What is the best thing about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a vibrant and exciting place that inspires me. I love how people dress up and express themselves in an individual style. The food, nature, and culture are also fantastic.

What is the best thing about Sweden?

Sweden has a very beautiful nature and fresh air. People in Sweden are very aware of the importance of protecting the environment. It is easy to recycle and find second-hand stores and unique, sustainable brands.

And the last question - which is your "smultronställe" (kind of a favorite spot) in Sweden that you would recommend a visitor from Hong Kong to not miss?

Wanås in Skåne, an absolutely fantastic international sculpture park and a center for art where art, nature and history meet. Great International artists like Yoko Ono, Thom Merrick, Roxy Paine and Robert Wilson from New York have exhibited here.

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