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Miriam Bryant and Jireel to the new concept Tiktok Sesh

TikTok’s effect on the music industry is a fact, through the platform, music is discovered and spread like wildfire and new artists become world stars. After opening its Nordic office in Stockholm this spring, together with the organizer Luger (Way Out West, Åre Sessions), they will create two unique concert evenings, TikTok Sesh, which will be broadcast via the app. The lineup includes two of Sweden’s greatest artists today, Miriam Bryant and Jireel, as well as future superstars Daniela Rathana and A36.

During TikTok Sesh, TikTok and Luger gather the stars of today and the future at Södra teatern in Stockholm, on 25 and 26 August. The exclusive concert evenings will be seen on site by a few people, but will also be broadcast exclusively live on TikTok for its many users.

Despite his young age of 21, Jireel has experienced more than most in music. The rapper, singer and songwriter from Rågsved is the winner of both Grammy and P3 Gold awards and has since the first single release in 2016 collected more than 250 million streams on Spotify. Earlier this year, a turning point occurred when Jireel released his third and so far most personal album “1953”. Now the artist is getting ready for the next chapter, which will take off in the autumn.

No one has escaped this summer’s big star with the monster hit “Samma gamla vanliga” with over 23 million streams on Spotify, which even now continues to tick: A36 he is called. Since its debut in 2020, he has released four own singles, collaborating with Aden, Jireel and Macky. If he continues at the same pace, there is nothing but several new big hits to be expected. “The same old ordinary” tops not only Sweden’s top 50 list, but also the top lists of our Scandinavian neighbors. He is also the first Swedish artist to reach a place in Finland’s top 10 in several years. On August 26, these superstars will be on stage to play their respective sets at TikTok Sesh.

– Music is a central part of TikTok’s DNA and it is fantastic to now, through our Nordic presence together with Luger, be able to give our community two exclusive concert evenings with such outstanding artists. TikTok Sesh will be another way for musicians and fans to meet live via the platform, says Farhad Zand, Head of Music Partnerships at TikTok.

Miriam Bryant is one of the country’s most beloved artists with an incredible voice, star status and charisma. With Grammy nominations, an acclaimed international career and a P3 Gold win, she has proven that she is here to stay. With collaborations with Daniel Adams-Ray, Viktor Leksell, Cherrie and Molly Sandén in her luggage, she plays an important role in the world of pop today. Together with Daniela Rathana, who has taken music Sweden by storm, they will play a separate set on 26 August.


Despite the world being put on hold, Daniela Rathana had a fast-paced 2020. She began the year with the critically acclaimed debut EP “Halva vägen fri” and has since both had duets with Oskar Linnros and been nominated in this year’s Grammy Gala for “Music Video of the Year” and ” Newcomer of the Year”. She is currently in the news with the new single “Kiss” and the album “Rathana Club” will be released later this fall.

– The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the live scene, but despite that, people have been extremely creative in maintaining the music and culture, this is where Tiktok comes in. It is extremely fun to be able to together create a new investment with what we are both good at, book artists and create a great production, as well as digital presence and create a viral happening, says Sulekha Daar, Marketing and PR Manager at Luger.

All artists will perform their own TikTik Sesh challenges, through which four lucky winners will have the chance to win two tickets to these live gigs.